Global Patent Portfolio Management

Our bilingual, multi-cultural practice provides us with an intrinsically global perspective on your IP needs. We have assisted clients in all manner of IP prosecution in numerous countries across five continents. The global landscape of intellectual property law has grown increasingly complex, and we consistently position ourselves at the forefront of fast-changing IP law.

Technological innovation often requires multiple layers of protection, and therefore we cultivate an intricately designed portfolio of protection to insulate each invention. Intellectual property rights are often intertwined. A single innovation may require utility patents and design patents, as well as an assortment of trademarks, trade dress or trade secrets. For clients seeking protection of their invention from current and future threats, the answer often lies in the creation of a rich ecosystem of interrelated IP protections, each of which work in concert.

Coordinating such an ecosystem of protections is a complex process, even within a single jurisdiction. Yet our experience suggests that the threat to most inventor’s innovations lies outside of the jurisdiction in which they work. Seldom is it possible for clients to protect their work-product in the isolation of their home country’s legal system. And for clients who intentionally wish to pursue their products in a global market place, this protective network must be coordinated with exceptional dexterity—a dexterity that USCIPC has mastered. This mastery enables clients to build a strong and sophisticated global IP portfolio, which we believe is vital increasing a company’s competitive advantage. Such a portfolio can enhance a company’s negotiating power, encourage stakeholder buy-in, and convince potential venture capitalists, angel investors and traditional banks to invest. Perhaps most importantly, a fortified portfolio of IP protection, crafted with international scope, provides the inventor with the truest and purest value of their innovation.