Patent and Trademark Prosecution

We approach each client with the belief that their business’s brand and reputation are of equal value to their innovations—and we apply relentless attention to cultivating the value of both.

Our portfolio of services surrounding the IP prosecution process is superior. We conduct in-depth patent research in order to provide guidance for clients regarding the validity of their patents and their freedom to operate. We focus on strategic prosecution — we work relentlessly to obtain truly significant and enforceable claims for our clients. While doing so, we communicate with our clients regularly regarding relevant new inventions and related scientific developments that may bear upon our client’s inventions. We also provide patentability opinions, which we regard as a form of actionable intelligence that clients may base their strategic decision-making upon.

With respect to corporate branding, we view the act of protecting and enforcing trademarks as merely the beginning to the comprehensive value we provide our clients. Our focus lies in the cohesive alignment of a company’s portfolio of logos, names, taglines, trademarks and service marks. We screen and research selected trademarks and examine their availability for registration. Perhaps more importantly, we assess the relative strength of such trademarks and advise clients on the optimal markets in which to establish and defend such marks. We also provide legal advice regarding the usage protection and enforcement of trademarks across multiple jurisdictions, and then initiate or renew trademark protection as each situation demands. We endeavor to understand our client’s long-term brand management strategy, and partner with them to achieve and sustain that strategy.

No element of the IP prosecution process is beyond our reach, and we undertake every element of this process with the care and attention that only an expert team of our size can provide.