IP Strategic Planning and Management

At USCIPC, we devote our time and expertise to fully understand not only our client’s intellectual property, but also the business environment in which it operates. We draw upon our technical, legal and business expertise to develop a deep understanding of our clientele’s industry, and then develop a comprehensive and sustainable IP strategy to suit our client’s long-term business objectives. Our approach enables us to work in partnership with our clients’ development of technology and innovation, sharing a vested interest in their success.

While each client may define success differently, all of them rely upon the possession of well-protected intangible assets. For solo entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 Companies alike, the key to success often lies in the ability to establish and monetize their intangible assets. We strive to build a cohesive portfolio of intangible assets for our clients; an IP portfolio that aligns with and fulfills a venture’s core mission. Doing so requires much more than simply filing and registering patents and trademarks. It requires a deliberate and intentional approach to examining and understanding a client’s value proposition — a value proposition that encompasses not only its core technology, but also an analysis of its target market, competitive landscape, and industry conditions. We believe that the strongest and most profitable patent portfolios draw their value not merely from the number of patents, but the degree to which those patents are coordinated and integrated into a company’s strategy. In short, the value of your patents depends upon how they are used, and we precisely design every aspect of your filing to fulfill your patent’s intended use.

Nimble in size enables us to approach our client’s intellectual property protection with level of creativity that often matches that of the innovations we seek to protect. This creativity revolves around the core question of “Why?” Understanding why our clients seek patent protection helps us bridge the gap between what was invented, and what can and should be protected. This subtle yet important distinction drives us to collectively brainstorm with our clients regarding every conceivable aspect of protection. We then take the time to accurately outline their ideal IP portfolio, and assemble scientific research, market intelligence and legal research through a comprehensive process of IP auditing and IP mining. We do this in order to provide our clients with not only a creative choice of viable options in their IP strategic planning, but also with the resources and advice necessary to choose the option most likely to bring their goals to fruition.