China IP Consulting Services

Every corporation conducting business in Asia understands the importance of developing a “China Strategy” to protect their intellectual property. China possesses a vast, complex and often misunderstood legal landscape in terms of intellectual property. The challenges presented by pursuing IP protection in China may include remote geographic locations, intransigent local administrative agencies and relatively unknown regional bureaucracies. There is often no single, unified method for approaching IP protecting within China. Thus, protecting a company’s interests depends upon a deep understanding of the nuances of regional IP law, as well as connections to local counsel and advisors throughout China.

We provide a single point of contact through which clients can manage and execute all of their IP work in China. We help companies to quickly adapt to the legal landscape of China, to identify potential IP threats and to manage and execute practical IP strategies that suit their specific financial interests in China. With respect to patent and trademark filings, we provide clients with connections to all pertinent representatives and agencies within the region of interest, including local IP Counsel. We then advise clients regarding their choice of IP prosecution firms, and assist them in communicating, negotiating, and monitoring the quality of IP prosecution on their behalf.

Protecting IP in China demands an interactive, multilayered configuration of both proactive and defensive strategies — a combination that may serve as a barrier and a deterrent to potential IP infringement. We provide consulting services to US in-house counsel in order to provide them with the means to develop strategies for effectively doing business in China. In this vein, we provide such clients with actionable business and legal intelligence and help them analyze the unique regional differences inherent to Chinese legal structure.

We provide especially critical value to clients who are subject to litigation within China. Noteworthy differences exist between the US and Chinese legal system, and a US client’s expectations and strategies must be attuned to these differences. We act as a bridge between the in-house counsel of US companies and local Chinese law firms and provide assistance with budgeting, planning, and advocating on behalf of our clients.