In-House IP Training

Since the advent of the internet, the pace of technological advancement and the speed of communication have reached a dizzying pace. The window of opportunity for seizing advantages in the marketplace has never been shorter, and businesses often succeed or fail based upon the slimmest of competitive advantages. One such advantage is a deep understanding of intellectual property rights. At USCIPC, we train and educate entrepreneurs and business leaders to enable them to understand and speak the language of intellectual property—a language that business leaders must grasp in order to adapt in today’s ever-evolving global business environment.

Every year our attorneys travel across Asia and the US to educate and train clients on the basic foundations of intellectual property law. We work with clients to instill a strong intellectual property culture within their organizations. This enhanced awareness for IP impacts all manner of organizational decisions, from the investment of significant corporate assets to the hiring employees. Creating this broad appreciation for IP concerns also enables us to provide more effective counsel to our clients. With the advantage of customized IP training, clientele are empowered to quickly and precisely communicate their IP concerns, which then enables us to more efficiently pursue claims and achieve desired outcomes.

Our team consists of knowledgeable, passionate and gifted public speakers who not only convey the complexities of IP law with clarity, but also tailor their content and delivery to specific needs of each company. Upon request, we will endeavor to meet and work with a company’s technology department and provide opinions and information directly.

Intellectual property may be a powerful weapon in a company’s arsenal, but like all such weapons, it must be fully understood and respected to be utilized effectively.