Xinsheng (Eileen) Wang

Managing Partner

Location: Texas, USA
Telephone: +1 516-263-3343


  • Juris Doctorate (JD) in Law, University of Kansas
  • Master’s degree (M.S.) in Pharmacology, University of Kansas
  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Peking University


  • English
  • Chinese

Ms. Xinsheng (Eileen) Wang founded US-China Intellectual Property Counsel in 2010 and has served as managing partner since its inception. She has devoted her practice exclusively to Intellectual Property since her admittance to USPTO in 2002 (she is also licensed to practice law in NY, MO, and KS). Educated in both China and the US, Ms. Wang provides years of multi-jurisdictional knowledge and experience, sharp business acumen, and bilingual proficiency.

Ms. Wang possesses an exceptional level of experience in IP prosecution, IP litigation, and licensing work, and she has represented a wide variety of organizations, ranging from publicly traded companies to start-ups. She has developed a distinctive expertise in US-China IP strategy, yet she has also obtained patents for clients in jurisdictions across five continents (including countries such as US, Canada, China, Japan, Russia, Europe, Australia, Brazil and Mexico).

With respect to IP prosecution, Ms. Wang has focused her work primarily upon chemicals and compounds used in the oil and gas industry, as well as the environmental and pharmaceutical industries. She has also prosecuted patents on medical devices, electrical appliances and hydraulic fracking equipment and tools. Regarding IP litigation, Ms. Wang has represented clients in a variety of patent and trademark matters in both district courts and the ITC Court. Ms. Wang draws upon her prosecution and litigation experience to successfully devise IP Strategies for clients, resulting in comprehensive and sustainable IP portfolios. She possesses a long history of working closely with her clients’ Research and Development (R&D) departments in order to deeply understand and optimize their innovations. In past engagements, she has effectively transformed clients’ innovations into sophisticated IP portfolios that consist of design patents, utility patents, trademarks and trade secrets. These carefully-crafted collections of IP assets have in turn greatly enhanced client’s value and negotiating power.

Ms. Wang compliments her legal practice with extensive public speaking on the topic of international IP law. She has been invited to speak at various international conferences, such as the Asian Law Business China IP Summit and IP training workshops in many Industrial Parks in China including Beijing, Guangzhou and Jiangsu regarding the developments in US patent law. Ms. Wang has also been widely published in academic and trade journals, both in China and the US.

Educational Background

Ms. Wang enjoys a unique educational background that provides her with distinctive perspective on international IP law. Born and raised in China, Ms. Wang graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in China—Peking University. Specifically, Ms. Wang studied chemistry and intellectual property at the Intellectual Property School of Peking University; an institution established for the express purpose of improving China’s dramatically changing intellectual property regime during the 1980’s. She continued her education at the University of Kansas, where she pursued both a master’s degree (M.S.) in Pharmacology and a Juris Doctorate (JD) in law.